YouTube Success Case Study: Geeky Medics

Geeky Medics

Started 8 years ago by Dr. Lewis Potter.

300k subscribers.

100 million minutes watched.

The Start

“I started the channel alongside a Wordpress blog 8.5 years ago whilst I was a medical student. I was trying to learn the various techniques of examining patients and performing procedures (for med school exams) however there was very little content online (other than some low-quality video behind a paywall).

I was interested in video production myself, so I saved up for a DSLR/microphone then convinced two friends to act as the patient and doctor for the first video.

Here’s a shot of us filming the first video in the medical school.

Image for post
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Feb 16th, 2011 we released their our YouTube videos.

We didn’t get immediate traction, but I was enjoying putting content out, so I kept going despite the lack of others interest.

Then after a year or so we started to grow, in part through word of mouth and also because the content started to rank better.

I would say that if I hadn’t enjoyed the process of filming, editing and releasing the content, I’d have given up before the end of year one, because we had very few views in those early days.”


Reached 100k YouTube subs on Jan 6 2017.

June 23rd, 2019 reached 300k subs.

Gaining about 300 subscribers a day.

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Good overall growth. Projected to hit 1 million subs in 2 years.


Provide value. Geeky Medics is a free education platform that provides guides to key clinical skills students and healthcare professionals need to learn.

Because they provide so much value, they have grown organically.

Lewis reports on how they grew: “Slowly, as I started to tell friends about it, they started to use it and spread the word, and then the views started to pick up. I kept producing content for the next few years. I’m not someone who’s very good at marketing; it’s not something that I feel massively comfortable with. Luckily, Geeky Medics didn’t need that.”

Their YouTube channel is just one part of their overall content, which gets over 2 million views every month.

They don’t follow a super strict posting schedule. They don’t have amazing thumbnails. They are not doing collabs or doing trend videos. They are just providing value, constantly.


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