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Your keystrokes are dying… but you can save them.

We don’t have many keystrokes left. Don’t just answer an email. Write a post instead, share what you know and set your keystrokes free.

How to find your remaining keystrokes

Step 1 — Go to this website and get your word per minute speed. You will need this for…

Step 2 — This site where you enter your age and WPM here to get the number of keystrokes you have left.

I have 214,329,581 keystrokes left. That is it. That is about 1,530,925 tweets, or 71 novels.

Keystrokes are limited, what are you spending them on?

Knowing how many keystrokes you have left, would you rather spend so many of those answering an email that 1 person reads once, or writing an article that could potentially help thousands of people?

Open your email and find a question someone asked you. I did and found a question from my cousin, wanting to know if I wanted to climb Mt. Rainer this summer.

Instead of just answering that email, were my keystrokes will just die, only being seen by him, I am going to write a blog post about my last experience climbing Mt. Rainer and why I would climb it again, and copy that in an email to him.

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This is my “determined-to-look-cool-but-I-have-altitude-sickness” face.

Our keystrokes can be set free from dead-end emails, and by publishing them we can send them out, like little idea butterflies to potentially help thousands.

What actually happens after you publish doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter if only one person ever reads it. You gave your knowledge the chance to live beyond one email.

And this idea applies not just to email and keystrokes but all forms of expression.

Musician? Play for yourself and your family of course, but share your talent with others as well. You may just be another YouTube video, but you song could escape to everyone in the entire world instead of dying on your bedroom wall.

Photographer? Vivian Maier needed a miracle for others to appreciate her world-class photography, don’t plan on your own miracle. Instagram those shots from your vacation you are proud about. Pick you best 5 and throw em up on

Anyone? Everyone is an expert at something. Teach everything you know. Thousands of people have read and shared an ordinary teenagers take on technology.

Time is precious. Share your gifts, share what you know. It might not reach a large crowd. But you giving that bit of knowledge, those keystrokes, the opportunity to reach thousands is a far better fate than dying in a lonely email somewhere.

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