What is the best ‘link in bio’ tool?

make your link count. LinkTree or Tap.bio are the best

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Instagram gives you one link. ONE. Sometimes you feel like Oliver Twist needing more.

Luckily there are services that let you create a link, and then add a list of all the links you want.

Benefits of Link in Bio tool

  1. More links. You can have as many links as you want.
  2. Links don’t disappear. If you tell someone ‘link to the shop in the bio’ but then next week you replace that link with a link to your YouTube video, they person just seeing the shop post won’t be able to find it. This is not good.

Downsides of Link in Bio tools

  1. You rely on an external service. If they go down, your links are down.

List of Link In Bio tools

There are so many of these tools I made a spreadsheet to keep track of them. Add your favorite tools or fill in more info.

Link in Bio tools Google Sheet

Recommended Tools: LinkTree or Tap.bio


Price: Free plan with their branding. The premium plan costs $6/month.

Also pretty easy to use. You can login with Instagram. Seems a bit more customizable.

Here is the result.

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Price: Free with branding. Pro is $5 a month.

Pretty easy to use. They have a set of built in social networks so you just have to enter your username and they will make the link for you.

Here is the result.

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All the Others


Price: Free version


Price: Free version. $5 dollars a month.


Overview: Free service from embedsocial.

Price: Free.





Price: Plans start at $9/month. A 5-day free trial is available as well.


Price: You can get started for free. The premium plan costs $0.99/month or $9.99 for a lifetime membership. There’s also a white label option for the lifetime plan that costs $24.99.

Linkin.bio by Later

Price: Plans start at $19/month or $192/year.


Pricing: $10 per account once. Like you pay 10 dollars and that is it.



Pricing: 7 dollars a month


Pricing: $25 a month


Pricing: $9 dollars a month


Pricing: Can’t find any pricing on the website or in the service. So not sure about this one.


Pricing: can’t find pricing.


Pricing: can’t find pricing.

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