What do you see as unimportant that a lot of other people see as important?

Really liked this question from Shane Parrish that I saw the other day.

Shane runs a great blog that is all about thinking and learning.

So I got to thinking, what do I see as unimportant that a lot of other people see as really important?

Cable News is not important

I view cable news as entertainment. It is all about getting you emotionally involved in things that are most likely not going to impact your life.

Going to the local stations website, I see news about a traffic accident (impact to me = 0), plastic straw reduction (surprisingly impact to me = moderate, I care about that issue), sports story (impact to me = 0), political story (impact = very low) crime story, crime story, crime story (all impacts = 0).

Most of what you read and watch in the news is just not going to have an impact on your life. And it definitely has a huge negative impact. With 3 crime stories, you feel like crime is increasing or maybe that you live in a dangerous area. I live in a top 5 safest city in the US. And my major metropolitan area is in the top 50 safest cities in the world.

Washing My Car is not important

I will wash my car every once in a while. But I don’t like spending the time, money, or water on something that is minorly important.

Checking all the notifications is not important

This is my home screen.

Nuff said.

What about you? What do you see as unimportant that others commonly see as important?

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