Trick or Treat Hotspot Maps

Ring and Nest should build this

Joshua Dance


As I was handing out candy to the neighborhood kids last night, I had a great idea for a Content Marketing Idea for doorbell camera companies:

🍫🍭Trick or Treat Hotspot Map 🍬🎃

I want data about trick or treating.

  1. Where the best trick-or-treat spots?
  2. Was there a % increase and decrease from last year?
  3. What areas start the earliest and end the latest?

The doorbell companies have this data, they just need to make a marketing site and show the map.

The local social network Nextdoor already tries to do this. They want you to join the site, and then list your house as a treat spot.

Not too many dots

However, since it is opt in, the results are spotty in most areas.

Ring and Nest have the data already. If they made it opt out, they would have great automatic coverage.

Ring did a campaign a few years back sharing video moments from Halloween.

That unfortunately wasn’t received well, people thought it was creepy.

Instead don’t show a video, just take the data of how many unfamiliar faces show up on Oct 31st, count that as a trick or treater in a geographic area, and then publish a heatmap.

Strava does this with running heat maps and everyone loves it.

Ring and Nest should do the same.

Happy day after Halloween! 🎃



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