Top maker channels on YouTube 2021

Mark Roper

Mark Roper is my favorite YouTuber. Full stop. He releases 1 video a month and they usual have some sort of awesome build. He has made squirrel obstacle courses, shark blood water testing devices, and glitter bombs to stump would be thieves.

Destin Sandlin — Smarter Every Day

Destin isn’t a straight maker. He does a lot of videos about just learning amazing new things. But the guy is a rocket scientist and when does does build something… it us usually incredible.

Shane Wighton — Stuff Made Here

Shane burst onto the scene recently. His builds are incredible. He combines mechanical, electrical, and programming knowledge to make some incredible things.

Simone Giertz

Simone got her start making bad robots. But after a close call with brain cancer she has started making cool, weird, things.

Colin Furze

Colin Furze is nuts. Plumber turned incredible YouTube maker, it feels like Colin can make nearly any machine.

Giacomo Di Muro — Giaco Whatever

Not making as many build recently. Focusing on running his company etc, but a very talented maker, with great filmmaking skills.

Cody Don — Cody’s Lab

Cody does tons of experiments. He is a bit out there, but does some really cool things. People say he is doing real life Minecraft as he mines metals from abandoned mines and grows his own food.

Kevin Kohler — Backyard Scientist

Sometimes I get frustrated by his lack of scientific rigor, but he does some cool experiments and builds.

Alec Steele

Awesome blacksmith with a perfect name. His videos are super high energy, to the point of almost being over the top, but he is good at what he does.

Ben Krasnow — Applied Science

Ben is incredible. He delves deep into the science behind is techniques. He doesn’t do traditional builds, but you can learn incredible techniques from him.

Adam Savage — Tested

Adam Savage is famous from Mythbusters but he is an incredible maker. He does a lot with movie props etc, but his techniques are great and super interesting.


If you like DIY airplanes, these are your guys.

Frank Howarth

Incredible wood worker and wood turner.

Bob Clagett — I Like To Make Stuff

Incredible maker. Great filming skills and his projects range from wood working, arcade cabinets, props etc.

Alexandre Chappel

Just found this maker. He is super energetic and does amazing builds utilizing 3D printing.

Josh Dance Make All The Things?

Jk this is my channel I just started. I am taking Mark Roper’s 1 Month Creative Engineering Class.

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If you want to follow along, here is my channel. Who knows maybe one day I will actually belong on this list, not just because I wrote the article. :)

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