This whole situation is a clear ‘he said, she said’ issue, but this is a great article with more info from an investor in PillPack

  1. ESI claims we misrepresent ourselves as a retail pharmacy vs mail order pharmacy. The reality is that ESI knows us very well, that their senior management has been engaged in discussions with us and that we’re very happy to be classified as whatever they’d like to classify us as according to their opaque network rules. They know exactly what our business is, know our execs and have just decided we are a threat.
  2. ESI claims we’re not properly licensed. This is bogus since we’re in good standing and properly licensed in all the states we sell into. Regulations are rigorous and we’re 100% open about our status.
  3. ESI claims we’re not accredited under URAC, an accreditation organization. They have a point here — we’re 9 months into a 12 months accreditation process — but it’s worth noting that this did not bother them before (we’ve been in network with them since Feb 2104) and that URAC accreditation is a nice-to-have not required by law

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