In every email… remind users who you are and what you do

Always remind users what you do, and why they need to take action.

I get a lot of emails from new apps and startups.

Over the last few years, I have signed up for updates to, downloaded, and tested, literally hundreds if not thousands of apps and services. My inbox is full of emails telling me ‘the new thing is finally out’. But I see one error committed again and again.

Startups don’t remind me why I should care.

The emails look nice. They have a good looking design, and a friendly call to action button. But all they essentially says is, “AwesomeApp is now available!”

Here is an example. I recently got this email.

Looks cool. Waveforms, black background, maybe something I would like! But I can’t for the life of me remember what boomy is or why I cared enough to give them my email.

So I replied with this:

The thing is I WANT to be excited about their new release or announcement. I used to care about their product or at least I was interested in it. But you have to help your email readers out.

Answer the question for them. “What is AwesomeApp and you should care?”

My reaction to product updates I know I signed up for, but can’t remember.

It is easy to see why this happens so often. When you are building a company, or an app, or a new project, that thing is your life. You eat, breath and sleep your thing. You forget that no one else does.

No one cares about your thing as much as you do.

But when you don’t remind me why I should care, you are wasting a golden opportunity.

I gave you my email address! I wanted to know more. I just forgot! This is the easiest sale in the history of sales. Just tell me why I should care. Show me who this app is for. Tell me how it will solve my problems.

Let’s look at 2 example emails I whipped up.

Which do you think would be more likely to get me to download or try something:

Option A — App is available!

Not much info. I can’t remember what this company does.

Option B — This app which does this thing, is available!

2 more sentences, a huge world of difference.

Two extra sentences can make your emails so much better. When you send out an release email, or almost any email, your only purpose is to get me to take action. If I can’t remember what you do, or why I should care, that is probably not going to happen.

So in almost every communication, remind people what you do. Remind people why they should care. Remind people when and where they asked for more info.

I was interested once. You can get me interested again. Help me,

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Examples of emails that don’t remind you who they are and why you should care:

Spline is a pretty amazing 3d design tool for the web. But I had kind of forgotten about it and why I signed up.

Examples of Emails there Do Remind You:

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.