The ‘People’ menu in Google Chrome is going to change your life

You can be logged in or logged out of any Google Account at the same time

Need to be logged into multiple Google accounts (or any accounts for that matter) at the same time?

Just make a new Person in the Google Chrome People tab for each collection. I have a person setup for all my work accounts. I have another person setup for all my personal accounts. I have person setup for each collection of side project accounts, and I setup a Person if I ever have to login to other peoples accounts to help them.

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With a different person setup, you can have different windows logged into different accounts at the same time.

So in one window I have my work Gmail, and in another window I have my personal Gmail, and in another window I have a friends Google Analytics account logged in that I am helping them with.

All at the same time.

How to Use

Click People > Add person

Then go to your site and login.

The password will be saved in just that person so you can save the password and not worry about it logging you in on your different person.

Mind blow. Have fun!

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