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I try to write down 10 ideas a day. Here are some of my best ideas from Nov 2018.

Digital/App Ideas

  1. Dating Bounty App — You put a bounty on a successful match. Your friends make dream couples from their friends. If a match actually start dating, the bounty gets paid out. inspired by @webdevMason link to tweet
  2. Polaroid My Instagram — Generates an image of your Instagram photos in a stack like polaroids. Layed from most popular to least popular.
  3. Open source macro calculator. Most of the current ones are not good, and those that are good, you don’t know how they calculated what the macro mix should be.
  4. Make a font out of a scanned letter. You could preserve grandpas handwriting by sending in a letter, or scanning a letter, and we make you a font out of it.
  5. Airport food. List out the best airport foods in each airport. Which terminal they are in. How long it takes to get there etc.
  6. Motion tracking mobile phone app. Motion track videos and add in elements. Instagram and Snapchat do this a little. After effects in your pocket.
  7. Metacritic for restaurants. There are lots of ‘best pizza in seattle’ lists etc. I want a list of which lists each resturant has appeared on.

Physical Product Ideas

  1. Make the best cargo bike ever. Inspired by this tweet, from
  2. A set of smooth polished rocks or glass to represent each planet. Coffee table decoration.
  3. Super strong towel rack. Like so strong you could to pull ups on it.

Business Ideas

  1. Buy an automatic donut machine and take it to farmers markets.
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Content Marketing Ideas

  1. Economics of blank — find something people are interested in and research the economics behind it.

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Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

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