Super Saiyan AR App, yoga samplers, and USB stick copiers

Some of my best ideas from trying to come up with 10 ideas a day in March

Mt Timpanogos

I am trying to come up with 10 ideas a day in 2018 to keep the idea muscle strong. I came up with 78 ideas in March. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Write a book about scientific discoveries and how they happened.

2. Online course. Swift for Bears — Bears are beginner programmers. So are you. By making tutorials that assume nothing, we can all learn.

3. Tupperware Paint can. Keep your paint fresh.

4. Facebook Group to Forum. 1 click transfer a facebook group to a forum. A lot of the web is getting lost in these FB groups that are not searchable.

5. Twitter feed to blog post Converter — imports all your tweets, then asks you if you want to write a blog post about it. Maybe you can tag them with topics or categories and you can group them together. Also can handle tweet storms.

6. Instagram to blog posts — takes your image, and your caption and puts it on the web. Searchable. With your email form. Your site.

7. How big is X — start with size of things. How big is an acre. Then drop things on it that people understand how big it is. Also allow people to input their own items with precise sizes. And their per size size. So an ant is 1 mm. You can fit 5 ants in a square mm. So how many ants fit on a football field.

8. What do you pay — ask your friends how much they pay for stuff. They can answer anonymously.

9. Declutter Moving Service. We come over to help you pack up your home, but we ask you if you want to keep everything before we pack it.

10. Abolish Daylight Savings website. Website to advocate for the removal of daylight savings. Can write your lawmakers, read studies, sign the petition.

11. Overlay sports Mode. See the players speed, how many passes they have to that player, what their shooting percentages are.

12. Use Machine Vision to scan for skin cancer. Take a picture of yourself and it tries to identify warning spots.

13. Yoga sampler. Take one lesson for a bunch of different yoga instructors. Rate them. Pick the one that you like.

14. Write a ‘how to be kind online’ article.

15. Movie Check — simple little list of all the movies that came out. You can mark which ones you have seen. Can filter by rating. Can filter by which ones won something etc.

16. Snapchat VR App Store. Let people making all those awesome ARKit Demos distribute them via Snapchat. You want a ruler? Snapchat got it. You want alien spaceships coming out of the wall? Snapchat got it.

17. Comic books about scientists. Not genius, just hard working.

18. Idea fitness progress overlay. Take a picture of you doing the workout. And overlay the goal you are working towards over the top. Like a progress bar that shows how many push-ups I have done.

19. HyperCard for the iphone

20. Super Saiyan AR App — detect my hair in video and illustrate it gloriously.

21. Write a ‘how to fact check something’ guide.

22. Make a list of rare diseases and the orgs and companies working to solve them.

23. USB direct copier. Small box with 2 USB ports. Plug in 2 USB drives and it copies the contents of one to the other.

24. Little flags strings from all the countries your ancestors are from.

25. — Write about each of the LDS Hymns. History, author. Also find good covers on YouTube

26. Make Bosch mixers in different colors, to compete with KitchenAid.

27. Is there a way to test which house plants give off the most oxygen? Find best plant for your house.

29. Fake video and photo detection service, you submit a video or a photo, and we try to verify it wasn’t created with machine learning.

30. Super Simple Company Library Slack Bot. List the books your company has, you check books out, and it will remind you to return them.

31. Ability to make a simple web app out of a pdf form. It will track the responses and send them somewhere, google forms?

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