Strava killed Relive’s API Access

They broke up and both sides blame the other.

2 sides of the story. Both sides pointing at the other side.

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Relive Side


So, this sucks… Strava decided to no longer work with us and shut down our access to your activities. This means you can no longer create Relive videos based on your Strava activities.

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We thought we had a thing. Until last week. After launching our first social features, we received a very unexpected message threatening to pull the plug. Given our long-term partnership, we immediately rolled back the changes like they requested.

We then tried to call, email, and talk this out with Strava. No response, except for new ultimatums and threats about our existing features they’ve applauded for years.

It’s sad to see them suddenly go and we’re bummed about this, just like you. We like Strava’s product and we’ve been working with them for more than 3 years.

Nothing has changed about how Relive uses and protects your data or how we use their API. We’re working to make sure you can keep your current and past activities on Relive. We believe this is your data and you should decide how it’s used. After all, it’s your legs doing all the work!

Can I still create those epic videos, you wonder? Hell yeah 🤘

  • If you use a Garmin, Suunto, or Polar device (or one of our other partners), just connect it to Relive and everything will work the same as before.
  • Record your activities directly with the Relive app.
  • Or import your activity files here.

Learn more on how to do this.

Our small team is working around the clock to give you the best Relive experience possible. If you want to support us through this break-up then put your hiking boots on, jump on your bike or grab your running shoes and get out there.

Make us proud and keep creating those epic videos of your adventures. Share the Relive love.

Questions? We’re ready for you at

See you outside,

- Team Relive

Strava Side

An update on our integration with Relive.

Many of us at Strava have enjoyed using Relive over the last few years, but because of Relive’s recent updates, unfortunately, we have decided to end this integration. The current version of Relive violates several of the terms that we ask of API partners. These terms are in place to safeguard your personal information, to ensure a level playing field for all our partners, and to protect what makes Strava unique. We’ve worked hard with Relive to try to fix this, but they have ultimately chosen not to make the changes needed to honor their agreement. So as of today, Strava will no longer send your activities to Relive for playback.

Rest assured, nothing’s changed about how your information is stored or the control you have over how it’s accessed by API partners. And we remain deeply committed to helping our many API partners build experiences that make your workouts and races even better.

As always, thanks for being a part of the Strava community,

The Strava Team

Strava Response to Relive’s post

“We have strict standards for how our API partners utilise our member data. We deeply respect the trust of our member community and expect our partners to do the same.

Relive’s current use of Strava member data violates our API agreement and we have ended its integration with Strava. We are disappointed that Relive was unwilling to make the changes necessary to comply with the agreement.”


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