Startups, Stop Doing ‘We Launched’ Emails Wrong

Tell me what you do and why in EVERY interaction

I sign up for a lot of services. Like anything that looks interesting or cool, I will sign up for. So I get a lot of messages similar to the following.

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Why does this product do? Why? Why did I care at one point in time.

And this is usually my response.

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Tell me what you do and why, every time

To a startup founder, their startup is everything. All they think about, all the dream about.

To a random user like me, I literally haven’t thought about your startup since I gave you my email. So when you do reach out to me, remind me why I care.

Example A — Roadmap

I am a PM at so when I saw a new PM tool, I signed up. Promptly forgot about it. Then I got an email telling me my free trial was almost over.

Re: your free trial expires in 2 days

Hi Josh,

Your free Roadmap trial will expire in two days. Upgrade your account to continue using paid features.


I responded like so:

Forgot what Roadmap is. What it does. What pain it solves.

Dominic had an awesome response.

Hi Josh,
Roadmap tries to answer the question “what should our team focus next for our product”. We do this by capturing what your users want and letting your team collaborate and prioritize product ideas into a product roadmap that your users can engage with and aligned with your product vision.

In any case, let us know if you have any question.

Have a great day.

Answered my question, provided value, a why. Super. So I responded.

That is a great summary. I would put that in every customer email you send, in case they have forgotten. Thanks!

I cared once, make me care again

So startups, at one point in time I did care about you. I cared enough to give you an email. But you need to make me care again. Each and every time.

I know startups are hard (I am working at one now) so good luck out there. And remind me what you do in every email.

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