Source: The Hustle newsletter (you should sign up it is good) published this side hustle and I wanted more info so I did some more research.

Stats at a glance:

  • Site:
  • Employees: 1, Founder: Justin Supak
  • Alexa Ranking: na (too small)
  • Years in business: 10
  • Cost to launch: $20k
  • Funding methods: Personal savings
  • 1st-year revenue: $50k
  • Current annual revenue: $350k
  • Current annual profit: $100k

Main Business Idea:

Buy used graphing calculators, resell at a profit.


Private sellers on Ebay


Ten years ago, Justin Supak, 39, stumbled across used graphing calculators for sale on Ebay. He listed two calculators from his college days at Texas A&M to see if they were worth something. “I just tested it to see if you could actually sell them,” Supak says. “I listed the two on eBay and they sold. So I was like, ‘OK let’s see if we can get more.’”

Supak started as his side hustle. His platform provides an easy way for people to sell their calculators, which he then sells at a profit.

His main job is an IT service desk analyst. He built a user-friendly application for customers to sell him their calculators, and negotiating shipping deals with the post office, and had to figure out how to fix up decent calculators into top shape.

Supak makes $100k a year in profit while working 25 hours a week. That is a lot of time about a 2nd part time job.

Justin wrote a blog post in 2016 about the company mission.

Other sites:

Justin has a few other domains which are not in use.

inactive Pinterest account


Supak has dealt with scammers, and the calculator market has seen better days. Supak is considering diversifying to sell used phones or iPads.

More Stats:

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Top keywords from Alexa

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