Reviewing my Predictions for 2017

Let’s look at predictions I forgot I wrote.

Predictions for 2017

2017 will be the hottest year on record. Again. = 🚫Wrong. But nearly correct.


I made 8 predictions. I got 3.5 correct, and 4.5 wrong. 43% success rate.

Nice pick Nostradamus. 😄

Why Make Predictions

I think making predictions can be useful in a few ways. It makes you think about what do you think will change? What do you think won’t change? How do you think the world will react? What direction do you think the world is headed in? It is also just fun to be able to say ‘I called that’.


However I do think that I should start including an Epistemic status and Epistemic effort on my predictions like Devon Zuegel does for her blog posts.

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