Ninja Turtle Life Jackets, and breakfast Sushi. 10 ideas a day⚡️ — Feb 2017

Ask your brain for ideas. You will be surprised what it comes up with.

Joshua Dance
7 min readFeb 25, 2017

I try to come up with 10 ideas a day. I wrote about my ideas from January here. Sometimes this is easy and I just have to write down the ideas that flood during the day. Other times it is a little harder and I have to take time to churn. Here are most the ideas I thought up during Feb of 2016 and 2017. Highlight or comment on the ones that you like!

Because what image says ideas like a mountain in the water and a lightbulb. ;)

Ninja turtle life jackets. The life jackets are bulky anyway, so just make them green, and the straps the ninja turtle colors.

Coloring book of famous scientists.

Wake up beans. Strong flavored jelly beans to wake you up. Strong flavors like very citrusy a very minty or menthol

YouTube thumbnail maker. You give it a YouTube URL, select which time you want, then it allows you to add some works or your logo, and lets you download it in the proper sized format.

Make a button (Chrome extension?) to show who owns a website? Is it owned by a company? Where are they based? Could help people figure out where their info is coming from.

Make a YouTube video where I play a song with oreos. Clicking, milk, crunching, yum. a little like move by little mix

Make a list of Valentines day gifts that cost nothing — doing the dishes. telling them why you love them. Making a blanket fort. Shoulder massage. forgiving.

Top 10 game. Asks you questions and you have to order a set of answers. What is the biggest country, put them in order. What is the biggest animal? What is the hottest pepper?

Car problems database. A lot of car advice is tied up in forums and that is not the best way. It is hard to search and hard to find. We need a database that lists out all the makes and models of cars, and links to all the forums and problem posts. For example “I saw a car just like mine that had a headlight out just like mine I wondered if that’s a common problem” could look it up.

We need a new acronym. DTP down to party. Like text a friend ‘hey you coming?’ they respond ‘DTP🎉’

Birthday calendars. Calendars printed so a full year starts and ends on your birthday.

Emoji Defender Game — bad emojis 🤡👹☠️👾🤖 descend slowly as you have to shoot them down with good emojis 🤗😘✊🏻. You can pick your emoji ship which is twice as big as the ones you are shooting.

Fridge cam. Cheap video camera that you put in your fridge. You could check it at the grocery store to see what you have.

Quizzes from different level classes, see how high you can go. 1st grade quiz. 2nd grade quiz. 3rd grade quiz. all the way up to college level exams. See if you can understand what is going on.

Train like an athlete. Partner with some athletes to see what they are actually eating today, and what workout they are actually doing. The hard part would be having someone with them to record everything.

App or website that will teach you the top 100 best, or most widely recognized classical music pieces.

Write a post about all the different ways to keep a journal.

App that goes thru and counts all the words you wrote on social media, and tells you if you could have written a book.

Start a blog to track BYU startup news. Results of competitions etc.

Make a list of businesses you can start now, with no technical skills. — t-shirts, fiver, amazon selling. etc.

100 Likes! Find instagram photos with 99 likes and lets you click to make them 100 likes and comments the 💯 emoji.

Sell silicone wedding rings. Safer and don’t participate in the diamond monolopy.

Idea — workout planning like a drum machine. You put in the exercise and it shows you visually which muscles it is hitting. Then the muscle fades as the days go on and you can hit them again. Would help hit certain groups every 2 days etc.

Make a video about all the holidays that penalize single people. :) Thanksgiving (where is your girlfriend?), Valentines Day (forever alone), Christmas (mistletoe), New Years (new years kiss? nope)

Make custom sized gloves. Put your hand on a scanner or take a picture of it on top of a ruler printed out page. Then we make gloves to exactly fit your hand.

Tech Kit to find missing hikers. Can you use bayesian search to find a lost hiker? Combine it with heat seeking drones, drones with lights on them etc.

Exploding piñatas. (Safety glasses required). 1 hit and the thing explodes. This saves the issue of having to hit holes in the pinata. Just hit the thing and you are done. (Thanks Macy)

Film carpool karaoke with my brothers and family. It would be really fun.

Video games like tv episodes. You play for 30 mins at a time. Drives the story forward. You have to wait till next week to play the next episode.

Regional Cookbook — Cooking with local ingredients lily root, deer etc in Utah.

Make a list of all the most popular Ted talks and boil them down into 1 or 2 sentences.

Holiday treat plate tag generator. We always give treats to the neighbors. You write in your name, pick the greeting, pick the decoration (trees, elves, snow), pick how many you need per page and the app generates a PDF you can print and cut out.

Kickstarter Snopes. There are a lot of bad projects out there. That promise things that are technilogically impossible or doomed to fail. We need an easy place to crowdsource campaign fact checking. Is this possible? Can it be done? Have they done anything like this in the past? Could ask knowledgeable people to evaluate the various projects.

What are public data sets, that are not well know, or easy to access. Can I make them easily usable by the public. Charge for some uses etc.

Restaurant Lab — one space that different groups can rent to open stores. So there is always rotating menu of items, and store that you can try. Think like 3 different ones at a time. If they succeed maybe they get a permanent spot?

Make a rainbow cake with real fruit filling

Story about a wishing well that gives you the exact opposite of what you wanted, but it turned out to be exactly the thing you needed. — Wishing well but you get the exact opposite. But it turns out to be exactly what you really wanted.

Minute Mormons — quick video answers to gospel questions. What is a temple? What is the Book of Mormon etc?

Workout app that has the polish of a game. Cool sounds, awesome drawings, animations, hidden secrets.

Tiny Personal AI. I love the idea of a tiny personal AI. Just what you want. Do simple tasks for you. You can program it and it will get better over time.

Restaurant Idea. Fast casual Thai or fast casual spring rolls you pick your ingredients it gets rolled up you pick your sauces.

Super Glue a magnet to my gas cap so I can stick it to the gas lid, so I won’t put on top of the car and forget it and lose it. ⭐ ️(I am actually doing this now)

Weather fairy. Super simple weather reports for your garden. 20 % soil moisture. 20 mins watering. Used 2 gallons. Cost 2.50. Soil moisture now 45%.

General conference coloring books. Have each speaker with items, scenes, and things behind them from their lives. The kids get to color them in only during conference. Maybe you get new coloring supplies each conference.

Food Storage Idea — How many calories can you get in a 5 lbs bucket.

30 days of YouTube — get an email every day with something that you can do to improve your youtube channel or market it better.

Grow saffron. Saffron is super expensive. Can you grow saffron in utah?

High-quality mapping software where I can fly my drone above an area with a camera pointed straight down and it will create a high-resolution large image file a map.

Touch your Toes app — gives you a set ‘routine’ everyday and allows you to track your progress stretching, and getting more flexible.

Create something like the City Museum in St. Louis. But in Utah. Find some cool old building, preferably multi level and make it just really cool. Build out different floors, with themes. Sandstone, factory, forest. Could make it a history of different areas of Utah. Secret hidden tunnels everywhere.

Take WW2 D-Day photos and put them to I see Fire by Ed Sheeran.

Make breakfast sushi. Eggs, bacon, roll it up, fruit slices on top. Maybe even use real rice.

Make falafel chicken tenders. I don’t know what these would be exactly, but the ideas sounds delicious.

List out when all the BYU business competitions like the iOS app Comp etc. when start dates end dates are etc.

Start a solar power company in Cape Verde. Would be cheaper than the diesel generator power they currently use. Could even start a factory to produce the panels in country.

Make a space flight montage of people celebration space flights. Science!

Book idea — Moroni and the art of war: fuse Sun Tzu with Moroni’s tactics from the Book of Mormon.

Keyboard that would sense how hard you hammered the keys. Can you detect mood via keystrokes? If you are typing hard, you are mad and tech support could reach out.



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