My Reaction to Apple Sept 2015 Event

I updated my prediction article. I hit 4/10. So not bad.

Most excited about the Apple TV. Multiplayer casual games are going to be huge on this thing I think. I can imagine playing them with my family. If you can use the iPhone as a game controller (which I believe you can as they mentioned it in the Beats game section) it will be really fun.

Stream of thought written down while watching the event.

Surprising that they skipped all the updates. Hope that is a sign of a packed keynote.

GoPro viewfinder on Apple Watch is pretty cool. I wouldn’t take my Apple Watch everywhere I take my GoPro however.

AirStrip is pretty cool. I worked at a medical app company and it is hard to innovate there. And any progress in the medical industry is good.

Apple Watch bands. Cool. Not super stoked about those, since I don’t own the watch. Never thought I would hear “Fall Collection” at an Apple Event.

When the space trailer showed, I was like ‘Round iPad?’

I love the music on the space iPad trailer. But what is it?

iPad Pro. Width of the iPad Pro is the height of the iPad Pro. This is the iPad for the multitasker. Pretty awesome.

Love the the Martian screenshot showing off movies.

I am more excited about the 4 speakers than I am about anything else. 3x the audio volume means you can watch a YouTube video in a restaurant.

Smart Keyboard looks cool. Was hoping it would be like a haptic keyboard or something crazy.

Apple Pencil!? Didn’t see that coming. Looks awesome. Wonder how the stylus makers feel about it? Definitely want one. Lightning connector charger is brilliant. Charge it right out of the iPad. So awesome. I really really like this.

Having Microsoft present is nuts. I get it, but it is just so weird.

Adobe tools are pretty cool. You can see that the they are trying to show the production and heavy work side of the iPad.

Wow speaking of medical app, 3d4Medical is presenting stuff that is very similar to what we were building at Orca Health.

Gold iPad Pro 128gb + Apple Pencil, yes please.

The iPad Pro looks huge in the video. Like massively huge. I wonder how it feels in your hand?

Even larger screen… tv. Here is comes.

Can you imagine the excitement of seeing your app on a slide from an Apple presentation?

Apple TV. Seems awesome. I like how Siri results slide out on top so you don’t lose your place.

Nice! Siri will search across multiple content apps to give you the goods.

The movie poster following your thumb actually seems like a good idea. Helps you know where you are. Might be annoying, but it might be perfect.

Siri seems a lot smarter and faster now. Skipping back 15 seconds and temporarily turning on captions is awesome. Hopefully your grandma doesn’t abuse that feature. And narrowing down the results is awesome.

I thought the Jen the presenter was nervous that Siri wouldn’t answer the sports score question, but she was acting about being nervous about the score.

I am irrationally excited about Disney Infinity.

Hipster Whale is a great name. Just makes you smile.

Crossy Road Multiplayer is a great intro to the type of games that will be popular on the Apple TV. Simple. Casual. Multiplayer.

Beat Sports looks a lot like Wii Sports. Very fun, and a great intro to the new remote.

Playing with an iPhone or iPad touch is awesome. You don’t have to have 4 remotes.

Not interested in Gilt demo at all. Definitely not their target market there.

Interesting that the App icons are TV shaped. Rectangles.

Universal Apps! Very cool. One purchase to get all 3 devices. And you can switch between playing on the tv or the iPad.

Love how they had to tell people they didn’t have to point the tv at the remote.

3 month charge on the remote is good. They need to add a speaker to it so it will ping so you can find the remote if it is lost.

Soooo when will Apple just buy Nintendo and get Super Mario Bros on the Apple tv?

Newest iPhones. Pink. The phone still has the camera nub. Sigh.

3D touch? Why not Force Touch?

Peek and Pop seem pretty cool. Hope they are fast enough. Seems like something you are just going to have to play with.

Craig called it Force Touch accidentally. Maybe this was a last minute change.

Peek looks super useful in the Camera app.

Does anyone check-in on Facebook anymore?

Cool graphics.

Hey Siri works not plugged in! That is hugely important to me. Like really really really awesome!

Camera nub. 😩12MP is cool. But we know pixels are not anything special. Lens matters. Cool that they focused on image quality. And the images are pretty spectacular. No retouching, straight out of camera. Remember, lighting makes or breaks a photo.

What does 4k videos mean? They look awesome.

Screen flash is pretty awesome. Or you could just turn the camera around and use the real flash. 😉

Live photos = Harry Potter!

Really nice that it always takes live photos. 1.5 seconds on either side.

Interesting that they had to talk about pricing with installment plans, and without contract plans.

iPhone Upgrade Program. $768 tempting. I love getting the new iPhone.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.