My First Million — Million Dollar Brainstorm — Unicorn Signals, Alternative Milk & Movie Incubators: Episode Notes

ideas: cloud kitchens, Y-Combinator for movies, Welcome box for remote workers, Better financial software, and Tiger Nut Milk alternative

I hate when podcasts don’t have great episode notes. So I decide to make my own. Here is the link to the full unofficial transcript. And here are some of the main ideas they covered. (go listen to the podcast I enjoyed it)

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Photo by Jagoda Kondratiuk on Unsplash

Cloud Kitchen

Delivery is growing and people are eating out more and more. Travis Kalanick raised $400 million from the Saudi’s for his which is a delivery only resturant. No staff, not physical space. Techcrunch post. This could be a good opportunity since it is a brick and mortar business and you have to build out infrastructure everywhere you want to operate.

Y-Combinator for movies.

Streaming wars are on, and all the players want more content they own instead of licensing.

“This is an accelerator. You come in, we’ll give you a small amount of funding, and you go shoot a pilot, and then we’ll have a demo day at the end where the buyers from Netflix and Amazon prime and Hulu and all the others, they’ll all show up and they’ll get to see these pilots and you can get funded.”

Welcome box for remote workers

Remote work is growing. The service allows companies to setup their remote workers with some of the same ‘perks’ the office workers get.

“You give them a laptop, you give them, you know, maybe a pair of headphones. They have a drink station over here that they can use. They have a desk, maybe sometimes it’s a standing desk. They get a chair. That’s what you get if you work in an office with these guys are doing, is they’re making it so that you can get all those things at home.

So as an employer, you have a little checklist. What are all the things you want to provide? A welcome box. It’s a welcome box. Awesome. A remote worker. So it’s like, what are all the things you want to provide you a remote work? Cool. A chair, 10 bucks a month, and you’re gonna have this type of office chair and it’ll be sent to that person.”

Better financial software

It is still too difficult to close the book and do accounting for any business., 2nd company from the Crashlytics guys, aims to fix that. Company in stealth mode, trying to build modern, intuitive, intelligent, delightful financial software.

“I don’t know if people notice this, but their whole premises, you started a business to solve problems, not to operate the business.

What that means is you have to do a ton of like upkeep and finances. Closing our books takes about one person like 10 days. So I don’t get our revenue and our expenses until the 10th of the month.

We close our books every month. So in order to get our profit and loss statement every single month, that takes 10 days.”

Milk alternative — Tiger Nut Milk

Milk alternatives are hot, and tiger nut milk is trending. Unlike the name suggests, tiger nuts aren’t actually nuts. They’re a vegetable with a stripy coating; hence the name. Although, the milk is made in the same way as the nut milks — the tiger nut is soaked and then blended to a creamy milk. They’re naturally sweet and offer a nutty flavor, but without the worry for people with tree nut allergies. The whole tiger nut is naturally high in magnesium, but make sure to choose the fortified milk as the nutrients will be diluted.

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