My 2018 January Homescreen

Additions, subtractions, and shuffling.

Brilliant — Mind training. I want to get better at logic and physics.

Marco Polo — Like Snapchat, but you can actually watch the cute videos again.

Trello — Trying a new todo system in my never ending quest for the perfect todo app.

Paper by 53 — I used to sketch a bit more. I didn’t even notice this app was gone, I might bring it back.

StrongLifts — StrongLifts lost my data. Even after I spent a while setting up and muddling through settings to back it up. Quite sad about that so that app is gone.

Snapchat. I didn’t have Snapchat on my homescreen. I filled it with games, but I am not using it much right now. Instagram Stories has won for my friend demographic. And before you blame it all on them copying Snapchat (which they blatantly did) it is so much easier to use and spread on Instagram. You can link to a profile and see content. You can link to other Instagrammers. Snapchats strength was also its weakness, in that you had a hard time spreading your message because it was so focused on 1 to 1, and anonymous, and disappearing. I like Snapchat and thing they do brilliant stuff (Spectacles were awesome) so I hope they figure it out.

BearI really wanted to like Bear. But it had Markdown always visible. That made it ugly and annoying and hard to use. So tried it for a day then deleted it.

What does your homescreen look like?

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.