Mini travel flags, lightbulb replacement service, and lost pet clearing house.

10 ideas a day in August

I came up with 64 ideas in August 2017. Here are some of the best ones.

  1. How to help website. How to help puerto rico. How to help Houston. You can list a lot of different causes with expert reviewed best practices for helping. (haven’t bought the domain, just an idea)
  2. Which sports equipment ball packs the biggest punch? Could calculate it by looking at the speed or average speed or top speed and the weight of the project tile as well as maybe the impact area that might be too hard
  3. How to write and record 70’s retro arcade music course.
  4. Lightbulb replacer man. He would show up to your house and find all the light bulbs that are out and replace them. He would have a truck full of all the different types of lightbulbs.
  5. Story Idea — There was an accident at the DNA testing company. The engineers were swapping ebooks but they accidentally swapped the the test results. Well your genetic test came back. You are Luke Skywalker's son, the heir of Charlemagne, and a Mistborn. And you gene linked to male pattern baldness. What do you do now?
  6. Emergency Prep List — Are you able to evacuate with 5 minutes. Where are all the important things?
  7. IMDB for the resturant industry. Who works with who, who is with both people. Source of idea
  8. Print clothes. Combined laser cutter with a pick her arm and computerized sewing machine. You could just print out clothes.
  9. Emergency Relief maps. Heard stories of people stuck in a warehouse in Houston, out of food and water, and unable to get through to 911. Wish there was a hotline to call that could collect their info, put it on a map, and update it as people get help. Could submit info via call, text, internet etc.
  10. What’s the source? — Podcast where we debunk incorrect ideas and stories.
  11. Mini flags. I want a flag from each place I visit, but not big ones. What if there was a mini flag result that I could string up like the Tibetan mountain flags.
  12. Make a history of BYU logo and colors. Sell retro gear.
  13. Spotify thumbs up and down. Send your friend a playlist on Spotify, they can thumb up and down each track.
  14. Lost pet clearing house. It is a local issue. So we need a place to put in your zipcode, and it will tell you what you can do. who you can call etc.
  15. Tiny post. Upload a photo. Type in your message. Into your credit card. We send your postcard.
  16. Tiny ISBN — enter your credit card, get the isbn. Useful for authors.
  17. Find all the people on fb with same birthday as me. Celebrate with them every year.

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