Video based car repair shops, Warby Parker for pillows and a video game climbing gym

I try to think up 10 ideas a day. Here are the ideas from March.

Joshua Dance
3 min readApr 22, 2017
I took this picture in Iceland in March. What does it have to do with ideas? Not much. I just like it.

Modern car repair shop. Overhead camera records everything. Shop texts alerts when stuff gets done. They always answer the phone because they use a virtual assistant. You can ask them car questions and they will answer on social media. They write blog about different topics, as well as edit and post YouTube videos of the different repairs.

Write ‘investor’ updates to yourself each month. Reflecting on your successes and failures.

3D print a new cap for your shaving cream bottle, that has a little hook to hold your razor.

Idea — the Academy Awards are just a bunch of people who vote on stuff. You can make awards for anything. Why not make awards for all the things?

Adventure Idea — Go lake to lake, from Deer Creek Reservoir to Utah Lake. Follow the Provo River all the way down. Start at the dam, and ride the Provo all the way down to the lake.

Giant bean bag that floats. Imagine a pool floatie, but it is a giant beanbag.

Habit beads. Cool heavy beads that you get to put on a string when you complete a habit you are trying to do. Tactile awesome little beads that you get to string together when you do a habit.

Sleep app. Gives you ideas and technique to help you get more sleep. Also tracks your sleep based on when your phone moved. fun fluffy clouds is the theme.

White shirt with reflective layer. In the day, it is essentially invisible, but at night, the reflective paint shines.

Game where the goal is to identify the sounds. It plays a sound and you have to guess what it is.

Shower meditation apps. Why not shower meditations? Hot water bliss.

Magnetic collar buttons. They will stay down and hold your tie in with the power of magnets

De-clutter consultant. I come to your house and ask you questions about your stuff and then take your boxes to the DI.

Get Help button. If you feel unsafe, need help, are stuck, launch the app and click the help button. It gives you a warning prompt. If you confirm it starts taking pictures and recording videos snippets when it detects motion and broadcasts your location to a set of contacts via twilio. And starts updating them on your position. Use when you are getting stuck in customs, or feel unsafe etc.

Pick a scripture from each chapter of the Book of Mormon and create it in hand lettering/art.

Make a website detailing the notebooks of famous people. Thomas Edison. DaVinci.

AR climbing gym game. Basically a rea life video game. Projectors light up the different holds and show a giant timer on the wall. You have to go grab the diamonds and gold on the wall and avoid the bad guys.

Ask a few friends I think are cool, “Who are the 3 most interesting people you know?” then meet those people. And do it again.

Provo would be a good market for a store that sells expired food. Expired food is still safe to eat. Cheap students, they would eat it up. Literally.

Make a list of picnic lunch ideas, menus, foods, games, secret spots.

Make a website devoted to instructional gifs.

Warby Parker for pillows. We send you 4 pillows so you can try each one. You sleep on each for a few days, and send us back the ones you don’t want.

Nightly Photo App. Every night it goes through and asks you which is your favorite picture, you write a caption, then saves it to your journal.

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