Learn to cook on YouTube

Cooking YouTube is getting good. Here are 7 channels to help you on your food journey.

Binging with Babish

He rose to fame by making fictional food in real life. But he is a solid cook and pragmatic. He will make things the easy way, then the hard way.

For example in this Garlic bread video, I learned about using a garlic press, then slightly squishing your bread between two bread pans.

Mythical Kitchen

Coming in at a surprising #2 on the list is Mythical Kitchen. Rhett and Link do a lot of food challenges but a while ago they started getting really intersting. Like there was actual skill behind the crazy recipes. Then Chef Josh started appearing in videos and now he is the star of his own channel.

A bit crazy, sometimes a bit inappropriate but you can actually learn a lot. He tells you the why as he is doing it quickly. Feels like you could just whip stuff together after watching him work.

My Name is Andong

Awesome channel. Uses science, tells it like it is, involves flavors and foods I have never heard of.

Bon Appetit

Their channel rose to fame on their Gourmet Makes videos. Think about the Office but in a test kitchen and it is real. You come for the viral food videos, you stay for the personalities. Sometimes they get WAY TOO ‘serious chef’ and do things no human who has responsibilities outside cooking should ever do, but I have learned a lot from them.

Adam Ragusea

Less well known that others. He talks about the science of food and usually interviews a food science professor. Great stuff to learn what is actually happening.

Serious Eats

Their website is much better than their videos. But I did discover a shishito pepper recipe from their YouTube that I will be making many more times because it was awesome and easy.


The entertainment to cooking ratio might be a bit lower on this channel, but you can pick up some great ideas and tips.

Devin Seymour

Has built his entire YouTube cooking career on ‘I tried this viral recipe so you don’t have to’. And he does it well. You pick up some tips, he isn’t afraid to hold back in criticism of famous recipes. Seems more realistic than some channels.

Alvin Zhou

He is a Tasty producer who makes big flashy videos for tasty. His personal channel is the exact opposite. No words, super slow, but you can pick up some great techniques and ideas.

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Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

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