Learn digital painting fast

Here is my setup and process

Joshua Dance


I want to learn digital painting. This may seem weird when Dalle2 is making awesome images just from text, but I want to extend and enhance images. I want to be able to create exactly what I have in mind, not play telephone with an AI trying to get close.

So I am going to learn digital painting. And I am going to do it fast.

Equipment and setup

Computer: Macbook Pro. Great computer and the one I use for everthing.

Drawing Tablet: Wacom 5 inch tablet. It is super small but it will do.

Drawing Program: https://krita.org/ I wanted to use Procreate but I don’t have an iPad that can handle it. Once I sell a few dinos I will get an iPad with Procreate and the Apple Pencil probably.

My inspiration and my first digital painting. Long way to go.

How I will learn

Do a painting every day. It can be quick, but it needs to be every day.

Take some courses.

Learn the tricks and tips that allow it to go faster.



Joshua Dance

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