Ideas — Custom company luchador masks, and books about grapefruit

My 7 best ideas from May 2017

I took this picture in May. That is the only connect to this article. ;)

1. Make a service that you tell it your goal, and it gives you stuff to do everyday to achieve that goal. You report back if you did it. The goal would be a program that has a super high probability of success if you follow the program. So we could say that 95% of everyone that followed the program achieves the results they wanted.

2. Price of everything website. What is the most expensive liquid? What is the most expensive metal?

3. I want to buy a few trees in an orchard? I get cheaper fruit, and it could help save family owned orchards?

4. Shape Shifter Video Game — A multiplayer game. You get presented a huge list of objects that you can turn into. You are trying to find the other players, and get to a goal, or do something, without the other players seeing you. But the room is full of objects. I can just see a chair sneaking around, scooting forward, as a mop slowly mops its way over to steal the gold. But neither notice the spoon, jumping across the rafters.

5. Streaming service as a service. Let’s say a company wanted to stream its video library like Netflix. This company could help them set it up. Or any niche video service. I love student animation films, I could setup a steaming service for those. Update: Found something kind of like this

6. Custom company Mexican wrestling luchador masks. Their colors, their logos.

7. Write a book all about a common food. For example grapefruit. Where did it come from? What is its history? Cool facts about it etc.

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