I watched all the Super Bowl 2022 Ads so you don’t have to. Here are the top 10

Overall disappointing, no Hall of Fame entries in 2023, but there were a few good ones.

Joshua Dance


The Super Bowl is a yearly mini film festival for advertising. With 30 seconds costing 7 million dollars this year, brands try to bring their best.

For the third year in a row, I spent longer watching Super Bowl commercials than I did the actual Super Bowl, just so I could rank them for you (Here is 2022’s list).

But first…

What makes a good Super Bowl commercial?

Super Bowl ads should be, above all entertaining. The more the ad relates directly to the product the better. There is room for a few ‘few something ads’ that are not funny be make you think or few good. But ideally a Super Bowl ad should be funny, and most importantly memorable.

For a rankings calibration, the best Super Bowl commercial from the past 10 years was Tides ‘It’s a Tide Ad’.

Directly related to the product (all commercials have sparkling clean clothes) super memorable, (it was all you thought about during all the other commercials), and very funny.

Nothing in 2023 was this good.

2023 ads were overall… disappointing

While none of the commercials for 2023 will enter the Super Bowl commercial Hall of Fame there were some clever ones.

A charitable way to look at 2023 Super Bowl ads is they were grounded, normal, and focused on intimate and genuine moments of human connection.

A more negative way to look at it them… they were a bit boring and many missed the mark completely. You got the feeling of brands were advertising famous people instead of their products.

Here are the top 10 commercials:

(and at the end, a bonus section, the Four Worst Commericals from the 2023 Superbowl)

10. GM, Why not an EV



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