I miss Google Cal Quick Add

If you do to, send them feedback, and install the Chrome extension

Joshua Dance
3 min readDec 1, 2017

Google recently released an updated Google Calendar. It is very nice.

hmmm purdy.

However, Google removed one of my most used and loved features.

Quick Add. Quick Add is gone…

Progression of my emotions

Quick Add was this sweet feature where you could paste in text and it would try to parse out and guess the info for the event. You could put in something like ‘call Josh tomorrow at 7am’ and it would create an event for tomorrow at 7am with the title ‘Call Josh’.

This lovely bit of functionality, in the Calendar, is gone. 😭 I would like it back. And a lot of people agree with me.

Just do a search for ‘Quick Add’ in the Calendar Help Forum to see the threads.

84 posts and hundreds of upvotes is not normal for a quiet support forum.

And of course people are noticing on Twitter.

So what can you do about it?

1. Submit Feedback

Click the gear icon, then click ‘Send Feedback’. Tell Google you need Quick Add back in your life.

2. Comment and upvote the other forum posts

I don’t know how much Google weighs Forum post activity when deciding what to develop and prioritize, but it can’t hurt.

3. Install the Chrome Extension

The Google Calendar Chrome extension still has the Quick Add parsing functionality.

small bit of hope

You can install it here — Google Calendar Chrome Extension

I have a lot of Chrome extensions. I know. :)

Hopefully Google will see the light, and Quick Add will come back to us.



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