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Take a product from another country, introduce it to yours

Saw this company profiled on the The Hustle, wanted to do some more research on it. Stats

  • Founder: Jordan Crowder and David Nadolski
  • Employees: 3 (only 1 listed on LinkedIn)
  • Years in business: 5 (found an article saying they were selling kickbikes since March of 2005 so maybe 14 years?)
  • Cost to launch: $10k
  • Funding methods: Personal savings
  • 1st-year revenue: $100k
  • Current annual revenue: $400k
  • 77 followers on Twitter
  • 7k followers on Instagram
  • 1.5k likes on FB
  • 114 subs and 44k views on YouTube


Standup bike scooters.

Price: $400 for the Commuter, to $1,400 for the electric.


Schwinn sells a version on Amazon —

Other bike shops like —


Jordan Crowder LinkedIn

Old touring website —

Origin Story

Jordan Crowder had moved to the 30A in Florida, and one thing he noticed was bikes, skateboards, and walking were the preferred methods of transportation on the 30A. Jordan started looking into other unique methods and products that he could bring to this newfound adventurous pedestrian market.

One day, Jordan Crowder was watching Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” music video with his daughter. As Mack rode out on an old school 80’s scooter, he thought, “I used to rock those!” His mind was blown when found the Finland-based retro scooter company Kickbike.

He started doing Kickbike tours and selling the bikes online. And was bringing in around $1,700–2,700 a month!

Crowder then teamed up with Dave Nadolski, who had been selling the bikes online since 2005. In 2010, the kickbike market was still small: Americans buy about 15,000 a year, vs. 15 million bicycles. But sales have grown steadily, even though in the U.S. they’re sold almost exclusively online, with no advertising, by skeletally staffed e-tailers like Diggler (out of business) and SidewalkerUSA. “I do need to push it more,” says KickbikeAmerica’s laid-back chief, David Nadolski, who recently quit his day job to focus on selling and promoting kickbikes. “Clients love them.” Since 2010 they have grown and now sell around 400k a year.

The company recently launched their eCruise Electric Kickbike and is planning races and events. The business is making about $400k a year, with no debt and little marketing.

Crowder’s advice to first-time founders?

“Entrepreneurs sometimes feel as if you need to invent something new, but often times, there is something amazing out there that already exists and just needs the right recipe of people and timing to make it something special,” he says. “You don’t always have to start from scratch.”

Finnish Company

20 years ago, Hannu Vierikko, a Finnish doctor and adventure enthusiast, invented the transformative Kicksled, an innovative new dogsled as he was looking for a way to train with his dogs in the summer months, and invented the Kickbike.

A medical student, Hannu Vierikko modified a scooter by adding a large front wheel, a wider foot bed and hand brakes. He introduced in 1993 in Helsinki, Finland.


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