How to get a YouTube Sponsor button on a non-gaming channel

Short answer, fill out a form and wait. It’s in a small closed beta

I was watching a video today, and I saw a button on YouTube that I had never seen before.


I clicked it, and was taken to a modal, that gave me the opportunity to sponsor the channel for $5 dollar a month.

I immediately started internet sleuthing.

YouTube has been testing Sponsor options for gaming channels for a while. Now it appears they are opening up the option to non gaming channels in a closed beta test. A had more info.

Because of how well sponsorships have worked on YouTube Gaming, the company is now beginning to test the model with non-gamers, too. This is on an invite-only basis, with and ’ channels among the first testers. However, YouTube is inviting other creators to if they’d like to try out sponsorships on their own channels.

So to repeat the important part there is a you can fill out to request access to the closed beta. I couldn’t find this form mentioned anywhere in YouTubes documentation. And as is normal with YouTube, there is a bit of conflicting information out there, with YouTube itself even displays different information.

If you go to Creator Studio > Channel, you can see the Sponsorships option but it says you need 1k subs.

1k yo

But if you have 1,000 subs it instead says ‘Sponsorships are only available for gaming channels at this time.

Get your story straight YouTube. :)

Which we know is not entirely true, since the channel I was watching is most definitely NOT a gaming channel.


To test if you have access, go to Creator Studio > Channel.

If you don’t, fill out and wait.

If YouTube likes your channel, you may get the Sponsor button early.

For everyone else, we just have to wait.

The video that I was watching when I saw the button.

Update: Found another non gaming channel in the beta.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.