How to add SSH key to Github

This should have been easy, it wasn’t. Here is how I fixed it.

This post is for the Googles, trying to help some poor soul who is stuck where I was trying to add an SSH key to Github. I figured it out, and so to guide those who come after, and not repeat the mistake of DenverCoder9…

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there is an xkcd for everything

Here is what worked for me. GitHub gives you 3 articles. 1 and 3 worked great. I ran into two problems on 2.

  1. Checked for existing SSH keys ✅ — Githubs article worked well here. No issues.
  2. Generated a new SSH key and added it to the ssh-agent — 🚩 — ran into issues here. One command wouldn’t work, one I didn’t know how to do.
  3. Adding a the SSH key to your GitHub account

Problems with adding ssh key to ssh-agent

Issue 1. Command wouldn’t work

The Github article had commands that just wouldn’t work for me.

$ eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"

Wouldn’t work. Gave an error ‘command not found’

Did some googling, found an alternative on Stackoverflow

eval `ssh-agent -s`

Finally worked for me. I have no idea what one worked and the other didn’t. Could have been user error. But I made it past that obstacle.

Issue 2. How to modify ssh/config?

The article then casually mentioned “you will need to modify your ~/.ssh/configfile to automatically load keys into the ssh-agent and store passphrases in your keychain.”

Yeah I had no idea how to do that. So again to Google. Found this article.

This command did the trick.

nano ~/.ssh/config

Conclusion — You can do it

So if you get stuck on step 2 of adding your ssh key to Github, here is an olive branch of what worked for me. Good luck traveler.

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