Gorilla glass eyeglasses, super chapstick, and uber local milkman

10 ideas a day from Feb 2018

I am trying to come up with 10 ideas a day in 2018 to keep the idea muscle strong. Here are some of my best ones from February.

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Who will rule the frozen throne? Or think of ideas while sitting on ice.
  1. Marketing checklist generator — put in what you are marketing (YouTube video, product, event etc) and it will generate a checklist of things to do and ideas on what you can do to market it.
  2. howToType.it or something like that. Gives you the various keyboard combos to type the various special characters. Like ¢ and ≠
  3. A floppy disk that has little usb sticks in it. Very thin ones.
  4. A course on how to use Sketch for Product Managers
  5. We need a recipe wiki. For example you go to the entry for Chocolate chip cookies. It has all the recipes. Showing you the differences between them. Ranked by voting.
  6. Eyeglasses made out of gorilla glass so they are hard to break or chip.
  7. write a guide on how to identify fake or doctored images.
  8. My lips always get super dry during the winter. I need a super chapstick that keeps them super soft.
  9. 3d printed glasses that actually fit your face.
  10. Make a cool prop container of vibranium. Glowing blue epoxy in between stone with a black light in it.
  11. Easiest gif creation. I want to be able to record and create gifs really fast, in high quality.
  12. Write a comprehensive guide on how to identify fake images. Source
  13. Make the best chapstick of all time. Get the softest lips or your money back.
  14. Personal dashboard. List workout numbers, goal numbers, track social or business numbers.
  15. Write articles about ‘how to make an app like X’ where I break it down how X is made, and what parts they have.
  16. Super local milkman. I will buy milk for you, and deliver it to you. In glass bottles. I will text you when I delivered the milk. I am already going to the store, I can grab milk for my neighbors for a small fee.
  17. Make the absolute best shin guards. That don’t slip around. That stay put. and are cheap.
  18. Super easy budgeting software. I want to see themoney to come in, and the software to ask me a bunch of questions, so it can figure out my budget, then alert me when I am outside the lines.
  19. Sell a treasure chest with tons of pennies for pirates treasure prop. It would cost a lot.
  20. Doctor service scheduling. I give them my insurance information, and they would schedule you a doctors appt during the time frame I wanted. They would also try to find ranking info about each doctor.

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Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

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