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  • Yun-Fang Juan

    Yun-Fang Juan

    Early Stage Investor at brightercapital.com.

  • Matt Ha

    Matt Ha

    I build web projects 👨‍💻 For more frequent updates follow me on https://twitter.com/MattHlavacka

  • Marc Köhlbrugge

    Marc Köhlbrugge

    @BetaList Founder

  • Max Braun

    Max Braun

    I lead the AI & robotics engineering team at Everyday Robots. We make helper robots that learn. I enjoy exploring art, technology, and philosophy. braun.design

  • Leif Abraham

    Leif Abraham

    Co-CEO Public.com, Co-Founder AND.CO (acq. by Fiverr), Co-Founder Pay with a Tweet (acq. by HV), www.tbd.xyz

  • Erin Chan

    Erin Chan

    Co-founder and CPO @ Rhenti | Shopify alum | wife & mother of a toddler who does what he wants

  • ReelFruit


    Fruit processing company based in Nigeria

  • Ruth Grace Wong

    Ruth Grace Wong

    Pinterest engineer by day, manufacturing engineer by night. Manufacturing writer for https://medium.com/supplyframe-hardware

  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff

    Anne-Laure Le Cunff

    Maker • Founder, Ness Labs • MSc neuroscience candidate at King’s • Indie researcher • ex Google • Entrepreneur First alumni • Creator of #diversity30

  • Guilherme "Virgs" Moraes

    Guilherme "Virgs" Moraes

    Pigs don’t fly, never say die

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