Every worm has his day — An Intro to Slither.io

A single tweet about Slither.io sent me down a rabbit hole, or should I say, worm hole, to a cunning little multiplayer game that is the old 8bit game Snake on strategy steroids.

The goal of Slither.io is to become the biggest, longest worm of all. You do this by eating the food/energy that randomly appears on the board and by eating the glowing remains of your opponents. Like the classic game Snake, if you run into another player’s snake, you die.

This game has become something of a worldwide phenomenon and I am surprised I never heard about it before.

Initial Impression? Mass Confusion

At first I had no idea what was going on. Worms were flying around glowing madly and eating me regularly. A quick Google search lead me to this guide by Joel Johnson.

I picked up a few tips and tried again. Amazing how much better you do when you know the basics.

  1. Scavenger around when you are small. Find high density areas of dots.
  2. You can boost to speed up. This make you go faster but also uses up your mass as energy, which you deposit behind you.
  3. Following boost trails is a great way to gain mass quickly when you are a lowly worm.
  4. When a big worm dies, you can eat its mass or energy to gain a ton of size quickly.

I entered worm combat on May 3rd for the first time and by May 5th I was king of the world.

A high point in my gaming career.

Having since retired from slither combat 😉 I pass on my knowledge to you, young Slither Padawan.

Tips and Tricks

Every worm has his day

Cut across feeding frenzies. The most important tip I learned was cut across feeding frenzies, not directly through them.

Cut across, not tangential. Image from Joel’s guide.

This allows you to see if others are closing in, and avoid nasty head on collisions. Feeding frenzies are where you can grow the most, but also die the fastest. Cutting across gets you some of the benefit and less of the risk.

Follow the boost trails. When a worm boosts, they leave behind a trail of food or energy. If they boost long enough, and you follow long enough, you can eat a sizable portion of their mass without having to actually beat them. Following boost trails is a great way to gain length quickly. But watch out as some devious worms leave behind boost trails to lure you into traps. Speaking of traps…

Once you are super sized, you can entrap smaller worms inside of your circle. The huge worms are long enough that they can totally encompass smaller worms. Since your view of the board is proportional to how big you are, sometimes the smaller worms see that they are getting surrounded until you have crossed over your own tail and it is too late for them. But remember…

The bigger you are, the bigger target you are. Smaller worms will boost around you like drunk drivers. The cost of dying is small for them, and the potential upside is huge. The safest thing to do is turn back onto yourself to shield your head, and never hesitate to boost away from the crazies.

Live to fight another day. It is hard to beat a giant worm head on in a fight. Often when I would see a few big worms and they would start threatening, I would find the tail end of one of them and follow. This allows you to avoid being trapped, and you can pick off the benefits. Smaller worms will hit the big worm, leaving behind their energy, but the big worm is too far away and slow to come back and get it. Leaving it to my worm.

Patience. I got lucky to run across a huge battle and quickly jumped into the 1,000 range. Then I just patiently followed boost trailers, avoided crazies, cut across frenzies, and shadowed bigger worms until I was #1. Work hard, follow your dreams, and one day, you will be the #1 worm in the land. 😜

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Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.