Draw your own constellations in AR, Jolabokaflod, and the Dishonest Database

10 ideas a day for October 2018

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I try to come up with 10 ideas a day. I have been underperforming lately, but here are some of my best ideas for October 2018.

1. Mini websites for everyone. Maybe like this. A few links, and a list of your current blog posts. What would you put? How would you design it? Can you host it on GitHub?

2. Break down, analyze and illustrate SEC S1 filings for when companies are going to go public.

3. Make going public much cheaper — The first reason companies choose not to IPO is simple: It ain’t cheap. IPOs cost an average of $4.2m in fees (plus 5% of fundraising proceeds) — and a recurring $1.5m in annual fees after that. Why is it so expensive?

4. Custom mission patches for trips and events. You went to the Grand Canyon with the family in 2018? Make a mission patch for it.

5. Videographer for every company. Every company should hire someone to make videos of the day to day. To tell stories about what they are doing. Videos are so much easier than they were before. Should every person document their journey as well?

6. Habit scorecard. Track what you are doing every day and how you could improve.

7. Easy app to place stickers on photos. Everyone loves stickers.

8. Make a prop replica of the Book of Secrets from National Treasure 2, and sell it.

9. Start the Icelandic tradition of Jolabokaflod. Give a book on Christmas Eve and read them with chocolate.

10. Keep a list of things that you have changed your mind about.

11. Make an open startups page to list out the startups that are sharing all their data.

12. 12x12 challenge — list out the people doing 12 startups in 12 months.

13. Make a shirt like a jack-o’-lantern but for Christmas

14. Draw your own constellation — pick a few stars, name it, put it up there. Could use AR and location services to display your constellation to others.

15. Company that connects license plate numbers with phone numbers so I can text or call any owner of any car. We have to filter for spam etc. but this would allow you to tell someone hey you’re parked illegally or hey your car alarm is going off etc.

16. Little December Machine — make a game that is a machine that use to coax a little round snowman along. You open doors and he rolls along tracks. He looks like a marble. Bells. Lights. Trees. Etc. It tells a story as you go along. Could take place in a snow globe 3D ball.

17. Dishonest database a database of scams. Could list all the types of Facebook scams, tourist scams, Craigslist scams etc.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.