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Dragon Hills — iOS App Review 2/5

Fun premise, but gets repetitive and slightly annoying.

Dragon Hills on the App Store

Explosions. Dragons. Knights. Hectic action. Colorful fun visual style.

Dragon Hills would seem to have all the ingredients for a super game. However, I found it came out a little flat.

I found the game to be a bit repetitive. Now is saying something coming from a guy who has beat every level on Altos Adventure. I kept seeing the same double lava pit with spike trap. Multiple times a level. Same setup of houses etc. The Boss areas really helped to break things up but that was the overall feeling.

I never really felt like I had control over how the dragon jumped. Always seemed a little random.

Honestly the sounds and characters kind of annoyed me. I didn’t like the princess. I didn’t really like the dragon.

I liked that they charged for the game and didn’t try to kill you with IAP, but if you had to chose between buying this game and Alto’s Adventure, go for Alto’s.

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