Debunking Claims about CHAZ

Joshua Dance
3 min readJun 13, 2020

I’m from Seattle. Don’t agree with everything going on there, but I saw a lot of claims about the protest in Seattle, some are true some are not. Decided to do some research and break the claims down.

Background on CHAZ

Protestors faced off with cops for 11 days, until someone (we still don’t know who) ordered the police to leave their precinct building.

Protestors setup a 6 block ‘block party style’ protest with art, meetings, speeches, food and movie watching parties.

Claims about CHAZ

I have seen individuals and some new orgs claiming protestors have:

  1. Built a wall
  2. Extorted businesses
  3. Have armed guards
  4. Armed guards are questioning people at the ‘border’
  5. Demand the US implement Socialism

I will break each one of those claims down.

1. Built a wall


Yes the protestors blocked some streets. Like cities regularly do for concerts, parades, and speeches. The from everything reported there, the feeling is more like a block party with cookouts and watching movies.

2. Extorted Businesses


I can’t find any evidence of this. If you have sources, please share. Those reports were anecdotal and not a single police report has been filed. So unless the businesses don’t want their money back or insurance claims, it is not happening.

3. Armed guards


Washington is an open carry state, and similar to armed protesters protesting the lockdown for coronavirus, some of these protesters are armed as well.



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