Dear Medium, your stats page kinda stinks

Give me better stats so I can write better articles?

Dear Medium,

I really like your platform, love all the thoughtful experiences you are building.

However, these is one part of your platform that just seems to have been skipped over. When you were handing out the awesome UX UI juice, did you forget about your stats page?

You have made some choices, (or omissions) that make it really hard for me, as a writer to learn and improve from my results.

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Notice all the issues here?

I need to easily see which stories are getting viewed this week

But that means, to see which stories are getting viewed, I would have to click on each and every story. Guessing and checking to see what the views were. This is a horrible experience.

Medium gives this info in their weekly email. But not on their stat page.

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From their email to me this week.

I need to see more than 30 days at a time

I need to see follow statistics from each story

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Very helpful. So why is this info only available in these occasional emails, and not in the Stats page? Please show me which stories are gaining the most followers.

I need to see traffic sources across articles

I need to see publication dates

I need to see where spikes of activity are coming from

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No idea why

I would love to figure out where that interest came from, what is happening, if I need to take action. But I can’t do any of this.

Design Recommendations

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Yes please.

So Medium, love what you have done with the place, but please sprinkle some of that user experience magic on the Stats page.



Give the stats page some of your design magic.

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Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

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