Costco Food Box Giveaway is not real

Saw a post on FB. It is a classic like collection scheme. The page offers a scam offer, people like and follow the page to try to ‘win’, then the page or attention is changed and sold.

Image for post
Image for post

How do we know it is a scam?

  1. Too good to be true. Every single person? No cap on the amount this would cost Costco if it was real. This is why companies give away a few prizes to a few winners.
  2. No official mention from Costco’s real page or blog or social media.
  3. Typo in the text. CEO is Jelinek not Jelinekand they missed a space.
  4. Error in the content. Costco was found 37 years ago not 35.
  5. Page was created less than a month ago and the name was changed.

If you look at page transparency you can see this.

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Image for post

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