Cooking show experience, and ‘Explain this scientific paper to me’

10 ideas a day for Sept 2018

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I try to write down 10 ideas a day. September was a particularly unfruitful month, but here are the best ideas I had.

1. Let’s call it 10 pounds healthier. Not lighter. Healthier. That could be 10 pounds more of muscle, or 10 pounds less of fat. But focusing just on weight is bad. I could lose my head and be 20 lbs heavier but much less well off.

2. Website iteration Group. You create a website, then you hand it off to someone else, and they improve on yours, then you get someone elses and you work to improve it.

3. History of products. When did something launch, when did a certain feature become available.

4. Cooking show for a day. You pay like $50 a person to come to a fully stocked kitchen with food, and equipment. You get a challenge and you have to cook it, with judges. Someone is filming it and in the end they edit it into a show of you. Saw this tweet that inspired it.

5. Explain this paper to me — You upload a paper or a link to a paper, and we try to explain it in a simpler way. Could crowdsource it.

6. Website with all the breath holding challenges (Mission Impossible) with timers so you can try and see if you can do it. Inspired by this.

7. Super easy way to know what screenings you need. Just pop in your age and it will give you actionable info about what doctors apts are recommended. More info.

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