Cinnamon roll nachos, Tiny Marbles Runs and Astronaut Duffle bags

My best ideas from June 2017. Writing down your ideas lets you capture the best ones. I try to write down 10 ideas a day.

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Cinnamon roll nachos — Fry tortilla chip put in cinnamon sugar, frosting drizzle on top for the ‘cheese’, chop up cinnamon rolls put pieces over the top for toppings.

Don’t break the Ice but with real ice and real hammers. Fun board game where you knock blocks out, try not to collapse it. Same game, just real ice. You have to freeze a sheet of ice before you get to play.

Popcorn with crazy types or species of popcorn. Purple kernels, black kernels different species.

Where in the world are you — Ask people, where they are in the world, have a list of people to visit in each city. Could go through my facebook friends and see where they are living so I could come visit them.

Video game where you control one bridge. You can let people come and go, charge tariffs and fees. You can help kingdoms rise and fall just from what happens on the bridge. Don’t like the king next door? Let a wild boar family across to wreak havoc. Like the king? Don’t delay his messengers. Want to help an adventurer? Let him pass for free.

Xmen Quicksilver VR Game — Classic kitchen scene. You have a dial where you can slow down and speed up time, then you can wander through the scene affecting things then you can speed it back up.

Rent a car, drive for Uber for a weekend. Write about it.

The I’m scared website — List of fears and how to resolve them. Stories and techniques from people who overcame those fears.

Website to count the deaths from driverless cars vs deaths from regular cars. Also count up the miles driven each year. The first time an autonomous car kills someone, everyone will freak out. But cars kill millions of humans each year. Autonomous cars are safer.

Isaiah a Day —Isaiah is a notoriously difficult section of the Bible. Get an email a day with a little lesson from Isaiah. Eventually would go through the whole book.

Test how many grams of kale can you put into a green smoothie before it tastes nasty? Make a bunch measure it out and then tested on various people.

Make a YouTube channel that teaches what happened during the Revolutionary War, week by week. So it would take years to finish.

Make a video of someone nervously unpeeling a biscuit container but at the end, make something actually explode.

Thanksgiving Burger — potato roll bun. turkey patty. stuffing garnish. cranberry and gravy sauce. green bean for lettuce?

Tiny mini marble run for your desk at work. 4 color ball bearings. You can pick who you think is going to win and start them off. Would draw people to your desk so you can talk to them.

Wall fan or window fan that detects the temperature outside, what the temperature should be inside and transfers heat accordingly. If it is cold outside and you want it colder in your room, should suck in cold air from outside.

Postcards for Grandma — Each month get a reminder email. Upload a photo, or pick one from FB or Instagram, write a few sentences, we print up and mail a postcard to your Grandparents. Could do one from each Grandchild.

Astronaut Duffle bag — make it look cool like the retro original Apollo missions.

Guide for the new Costco member. What to buy, what to avoid, tips tricks and hacks.

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