Cinnamon roll nachos, Airplane Mode App and other free ideas

My best ideas from June 2017

Having an idea feels like flying. And I like this picture and I took it in June.

Airplane Mode App. Has to work in Airplane Mode obviously. Shows you the altitude. Tells you what you are passing over. Tells you what runway you are at the airport. Tells you interesting things on the route.

Tiny lidar arrays. Lidar is awesome because it allows self driving cars to see. Why not make tiny ones and put it on a drone? One on top and bottom of the drone. Would never hit anything. What makes Lidar the size it is?

Earth facts — based on Count the number of houses in a state. How many are being built each day week month etc. Showing the resources of the natural world and how many of them their are and where they are — estimated. Could show how many endangered species there are etc. How many trees there are.

Cinnamon roll nachos. Fry up a fresh tortilla, coat in cinnamon sugar, on top is a frosting drizzle, then for chunks, chop up cinnamon rolls put pieces over the top.

Wall vent or window fan that detects the temperature outside, what the temperature should be inside and transfers heat accordingly. Don’t run the AC when it is 50 degrees outside.

Make illustrated maps of your house with fun events and or memories. Annotate stuff like 2 wedding receptions here. Many birthdays here.

Illustrated Guide about how to read a scientific paper.

Buddy alarm clock — You can see if your friend got up on time and if they snoozed.

Timer App for common games — Mafia timer. Charades. All the group games the require a timer, make an app that has the times and rules for all those games.

Story Idea — Frank the Monster Slayer — Frank only kills the worst monsters, saves the other ones, the babies and protects them.

Make an Apollo astronaut inspired duffle bag.

Popcorn with crazy types of corn kernels. Purple kernels, black kernels, different species of corn.

Fireside page — On the page is an animated fire, maybe a chat window, and shows the times and places of different devotionals. Could put out text alerts and email alerts of the next devotional.

Make a list of things I know I should be doing. Make a list of things I am doing. Compare the two and note differences.

Einstein calculator. Calculate how much energy is in something using E=MC squared. Could amassed a huge collection objects and how much mass they have and how much energy that is.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.