Chocolate biscuits, Sleep Now Clock, and cheap teeth whitening

10 ideas a day from July 2018

Photo by Petrisor Ionel on Unsplash

1. Podcast note taking app — I want to be able to time notes to a specific part of the podcast and share those.

2. Yellowstone GPS app and guide book. There is little to no service in Yellowstone. Make an awesome GPS powered guide book.

3. Night of Adventure — Pay for a ticket, hike to some cool lookout or place, then hear a talk from an adventurer. Battery powered projector and speaker?

4. History of invention timeline. when certain things were invented. If there were clumps of people working on it etc.

5. Test backpack capacities, which are normally hard to compare, by packing them full of lacrosse balls and counting them.

6. Garden scanner — take pictures of your garden, and the app recreates it in 3d with the approximate size, what is each plant etc.

7. What can I plant now? — site that tells you what you can plant where you are, right now.

8. Goal Setting Service — We call you up, and talk through the process and help you set goals.

9. Sleep Now Clock — Clock that tells you how much sleep you will get if you go to bed now, based on your normal wake up time. Mac menu bar app.

10. Start a cheap teeth whitening service. Why is it so expensive? Figure out exactly how much it costs and offer it cheaper.

11. The Perfect Board shorts. Increment 1 inch inseam. Super soft stretchy fabric. Cool patterns.

12. Wild Scholars — Crazy animal tshirts, but all the animals are wearing glasses. Something like this.

13. Track how many laws are created each year. I would assume more and more are created every year.

14. Flexibility test with multiple examples. So you test with someone who’s very inflexible medium and very flexible to can I show you the different ranges.

15. Idea machine — take a few inputs and then put them through a few models of creativity. Pick a problem like “no one reads my blog” take the model ‘combine unrelated things’, add in some unrelated things, baseball — do a money ball blogging style analysis.

16. Thrift Store Service. We come by and take your stuff to DI, Savers, Salvation Army etc.

17. Magic Sunset App — alerts you when there is a good sunset in your area.

18. Chocolate biscuits. Add coco powder and chocolate milk. This could be good!

19. National science training system. Identify promising candidates and bring them to a training lab. Teach them, help them, give them resources. We do it for ⚽️ soccer and football. Why not science?

20. I will draw you a dragon — you pay 5 dollars. I draw you a dragon. For $10 you can request a few features.

21. Calendar printing service. Customize it with your own holidays etc.

22. Sell Oreo molds to make homemade Oreos.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.