Car alarm going off all night? Here is what you can do

Call the police (non emergency), 2. Leave a note, 3. Check your local laws

Last night, in the middle of the night, a car alarm went off right in front of my house. Then it went off again 10 minutes later. And it kept going off, for more than an hour.

So tired

Here are a few things you can do when a car alarm is going off all night.

Call the Police

I called my local police department and was immediately connected with a dispatcher. They took my address and phone number and the license plate of the car. They said they would send someone out. When the police car gets there, they can run the plates and call the person.

Leave a Note

Leave a nice note explaining what happened at what time.

If you can find the owner, and you still can’t get the car alarm to go off by just unlocking and locking the vehicle, there a bunch of other things you can try.

Starting the car. Pulling the fuse. Disconnecting the battery terminal.

This article has a nice step by step with pictures.

Check your City Ordinances

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