Breakfast pizza, podcast mystery drama, and cool switches

10 ideas a day from January 2018

I came up with 68 ideas during January. I try to come up with 10 ideas a day to keep the idea muscle strong. I am tracking the project here if you want to follow along.

Here are some of the best ones from January:

  1. Make a website — set it up and have a way for people to call their legislature
  2. Texting and driving simulator. You are driving around the normal city streets. You have to use your keypad to text. Eventually you hit someone. This is where it takes a turn and gets heavy. The person you hit dies and it takes you through a simulation all the stages of that. Going to the funeral. Talking to the family. Don’t text and drive.
  3. Aggregate all the ‘best places to eat’ articles. Count the number of recommendations for each one. Super Best Places to Eat.
  4. Marketing Plan Creation App. You enter what info you have, and it suggests activities you could do to market it better.
  5. I want to do a big annual art project. Something like make a sculpture or paint a painting.

6. Make a board with tons of cool switches. Like this.

7. Solar panel calculator. You draw a shape of solar panels, and it will tell you how much energy is coming off of them. Then it will have various common shapes so you can compare it. Like here is your roof. Here is a car. Here is a train. How much energy each size gives you. Then it would be how many things can that power. Like how many homes. How many cars. How many ovens etc.

8. Family history github. You can file issues and people can jump in and know what work has been done on each individual. Checklists etc for each person. You can jump in and know exactly where to contribute.

9. Breakfast pizza. Slightly sweet crust. Cheese, sausage, bacon on top. The sauce would be tangy. Fried egg on top. Pineapple.

10. Write and record a radio mystery drama on Anchor / podcast. Put together a storyline and sound effects and clues.

11. Put sticky notes in random books at the library with my name and email and date on it. See if anybody responds. — personalized sticky notes

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