Audio ‘drop in’ social networks report

Clubhouse is the most buzzy, but there are a lot of them

Audio social networks are hot right now. There are a ton of them coming out. Here is a quick list.

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It’s like there is a rule book for the website design. white background. Download link. Logo. Done.

There are a ton of apps in various forms of being done. They break down into:

  1. Live in the App Store
  2. Testflight
  3. In Development

Live in the App Store

VC Twitter got invites and talked this one up a ton.

Bare bones website. Twitter. You can download the app but it is just a way to get in the ‘wait’ list.

Also not to be confused with a project management software.

They have an app in the App Store.

They have a Website but it is just the download link.

They have an app in the App Store.

Bare bones website and Twitter.

Bare bones website, just the download link, seeing a pattern here?

On of the more interesting ones. Live audio app for group events. Doesn’t have a specific app. They have a real website, and a twitter and everything.

Testflight Only

Just a Testflight. Can’t find their website.

Just a Testflight. Can’t find their website.

Just a Testflight. Can’t find their website.

Not to be confused with Wistia’s Soapbox or this voice startup for kids.

Small website where you can access the Testflight beta.

Very weird instagram.

In Development

They just have a Twitter and a form to fill out, so probably in development.


These apps are hot and relatively easy to build.

Agora has a voice chat API and there are a few others.


Moderation and trust and safety is going to be a huge issue.

Content Moderation — You can’t search for keywords (easily) in audio so you can’t auto ban or block terms or phrases.

Covert Recording— People like to speak freely and don’t like to be recorded. You can easily be recorded on an app.

Quality Dilution — When you have a hand picked group of experts the conversation can be awesome. When anybody can join, you have an internet chatroom.

Twitter Thread

I wrote up my findings in this Twitter thread. If I missed anything, or have a thought, join the conversation

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This report inspired by this Tweet from Seyi Taylor

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