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Joshua Dance
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A cooking/game show, Utah coloring books, and giant fluffy octopus pillows. 10 ideas a day in January.

I made this because I really liked both of these stock photos.

Update: Here is February's list.

I try to come up with 10 ideas a day. Sometimes this is easy and I just have to write down the ideas I have during the day. Other times it is a little harder. Here are most the ideas I thought up during January of 2016. I’ve bolded some of my favorite ones. Highlight or comment on the ones that you like.

January 2016 Ideas

Synonym game — Online game where players get a word and have to come up with as many synonyms as you can. Could also take the data this game produces and write cool things with it. Like what is the smartest city. etc.

Very thin clothes ‘hanger’ or dresser. So you can stack your shirts up and see a slice of them. More like a CD holder.

Make 1 off shirts, and send to various YouTubers with a personalized link where YouTubers get a cut. They will share them. Whichever shirt gets more clicks and buys, sell that one.

Car tab renewal reminder service. Write a rant about why the government should remind you about tabs, but won’t, and what I did about it. Charge people a dollar to put in their tab date, we will text them everyday to remind them to renew 1–2 months before.

Cooking show + game show. While the recipe is cooking, cooks play games and do challenges so they get the real time cooking interactions and also some entertainment. Make it about the thing I’m cooking. Example: cooking the pumpkin cookies, the trivia is about pumpkins.

Write a blog post about when did you cry this year.

Service opportunities. Get 1 email a week with a specific service opportunity time and place and estimated time to completion.

Blog post: What makes a sandwich? Is a hotdog a sandwich? Burrito? Important for the sandwich smashing club.

Take ‘no stupid questions’ questions, and make Youtube videos about them.

Chrome plugin — Product Feedback. When you close a product hunt product page, it opens the product hunt comments section so you can give feedback. Or HN. Or their Twitter. which leads to the Contact Creator plugin ->

Contact Creator plugin -> You hit the plugin button, and it will find the Twitter handle of the creator, or the email address, or something so you can give feedback on it, or thank them for it. Hmmmm this could be really cool. Could also have the support emails of the various companies. Could start super small and just find the Twitter handle.

Crazy color tupperware. Neff type lids and bottoms. We all use it. Make it rad.

Personalized video emails. It asks you to record the video, then it automatically uploads it and sends it out to the person.

Make a Startup Stash/Marketing Stack for AI products —

Next step beyond mobile is predictive. Services that actively try to predict what you need and how they can provide that to you.

Write animal reviews. For example: Sharks. 8/10 look cool but bite you

Figure out how to make homemade Beyblades. (Beyblades are battle tops)

Site where you can flip through a sites visual history using the internet archive. Side arrow to flip through it like a slide show.

Make a tool for timing product launches, check list etc.

Do a huge review of all the photo books. Pinterest the snot out of it for traffic and affiliate links.

Make a list of questions to ask on first date.

Website where you can enter a website and it will try to classify it —

Us a depth sensing camera (new iPhone) that can detect size of the food you are eating to check portion size.

Gender wage gap, how is that calculated? If 1 women doesn’t work, does she half the amount the other women do? Do more research here, write blog post.

Make a spirit animal app, where you can put animal faces on things.

Buy Calle assets and relaunch the shirts with the pigeon.

Recreate icon gifs for fun, send the to friends.

Do a behind the back trick shot throwing video.

Lovetap is a great name for a company or brand.

Build a GoPro head strap built into a beanie so you don’t look like a crazy person. Use for trail running.

Take a bottle of sparkling cider (I don’t drink :) and write the goal on it. 1 million views on Quora, 10k youtube subscribers etc. Then put it on a shelf where you can see it. Eventually you will open that bottle and celebrate.

Make infographics of popular bloggers advice. Give it to them, ask them to promote it etc.

Write a book about gratitude.

Make an app based on the latest research. 7 min workout. Happiness research. etc.

Sew crazy pockets on grey t-shirts. Sell on Etsy.

Automated email to ask you what the best part of your month was, what the worst part. Could do it weekly. Then it could compile them, ask you to add pictures.

A website where you can enter the ‘lottery’ all you want. You can click to buy as many tickets as you want, and it will simulate your numbers being chosen. Then it will have help lines to get people to stop buying lottery tickets.

Make something like art snacks — — you get all the supplies in a box to create a new project. book binding. sculpture. etc.

Website where you can put in your vehicle tag info and it will text you to remind you that you should renew them.

Checklist for a social bio audit. Do you still work there, update links etc.

Make a framework where you can create myst like adventure stories, or spelunx like stories with just an images and the other assets. So kids can code it, and make their own games.

Brand juices better. Make up cool names for juice and ingredient combos. The Franklin could be Sprite, 4 limes, ice, crushed mint leaves. You don’t have to drink to order ‘cool’ drinks.

Make a Utah coloring book.

When you sell a ecommerce product, give them a code to give to their friends.

Bone broth is getting big. Is there a way to participate in this?

People are choosing experiences over things. So as a retailer, you should be able to sell experiences as well as things. Partner with tour companies if you are ecommerce etc. Surf shop should sell surf lessons.

Blog post about the most expensive liquids.

Top Notch is a fun name for a company or app.

Tshirt slogan. “You are a runner. You always were.”

Make up all sorts of crazy cool desserts. Reese cookie brownies. Smores with gummies. Combine random stuff like candy bars and cookies.

Hungry Harvest is awesome. Copy in local markets to reduce shipping footprint, more eco friendly?

Find fairy tales from other cultures and make books out of them.

A service that automatically takes your YouTube videos and turns them into podcasts.

How to determine if your teeth are actually whiter. Piece of white paper next your teeth same lighting conditions white bouncing into you? How to test at home teeth whitening stuff?

Make a giant fluffy octopus stuffed animal. Movie nights and cuddling are easier when you have 8 legs to share. ;)

Address Extractor — I hate copying and pasting addresses from texts and Fb invites. Extension or app that you dump in a text chunk and it pulls out the address. 1 click open in google maps or Apple maps.

Website that helps you build API. You list Harry Potter spells and it gives you stuff. You put stuff in a database and then insert the database onto pages. — idea — spreadsheet to API

Try writing recipes as simple as possible. Like the XKCD explainer book.

EMP-proof phone case or bag?

Website where you login with Facebook and it checks to see if your friends names are available as a URL. You buy it and give it as a birthday gift.

Favorite photo of the year. Takes all your fb photos and puts them head to head until you pick the one you like best.

Create a wireless flood alert sensor.

Read famous autobiographies, write up the lessons in blog posts.

Sell placebo pills on amazon. Make them super fun. Anything you want. Just take this sugar pill and you will get it. Because the placebo effect is real.

Make kids books about hawaiian and polynesian legends. Could be super fun designs and stories.

Ship a random object. What can you ship through the postal system? — look it up.

Make a video how to appear comfortable on camera.

Make a word processor for blog posts. Built in keyword research?



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