Best apps in the galaxy.

I wrote an article about applying the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up to your apps. The whole idea is asking ‘Does this app bring me joy?” If it does keep it, if not, delete it.

My friend Trevor asked what apps bring me joy. Here is my answer.

Fantastical — Awesome calendar. The best part is being able to enter ‘meet Doug for lunch next Friday at 1pm’ and it correctly makes that appointment. $4.99

Snapchat — Fun. Snapchat stories is mostly what I use it for. Like a mini vlog of peoples lives. Free

GroupMe — family text tool. The best. Gets my Mom and Dad texting, use it for roommate groups, dinner groups, Ragnar race groups. Easy to make a group and you don’t leave anyone out. And the instant meme creation is surprisingly useful. Free

Sky Guide — Awesome astronomy tool. Soothing music, fun to point my phone at the sky and know what that star is. Great for adventures and hikes. $1.99

Geocaching — So fun for going on walks, dates, group activities. If you have every found a geocache you know how cool it is. You get to see places you otherwise wouldn’t and it is like modern day buried treasure. You can do it without the app, but the app makes it sooooo much easier. $9.99

Mailbox — Snooze an email. Deal with it when you want. Celebrate inbox 0. My main mail client on my phone. Free

Day One — Awesome journal app. I have gone almost half a year and never missed more than 1 day. Auto records the temperature, and pictures work great. $4.99

1 Second Everyday — The idea is simple. Record 1 second of video, every day. The results is awesome. So many memories. So much fun. $2.99

Moves — I have used Moves many times to answer the question, what was I doing that day? Auto records your travel and tries to guess your locations. Free

Timehop — Remember what you were doing last year on this date, from your social media posts. Super fun to remember and send to friends. Free

Tinder — Tinder works. I know 3 couples that are married who met on Tinder. If you are dating, try it out. Free (they have a paid option, but you don’t need it)

Alto’s Adventure — One of the best games I have ever played. So fun. The world is amazing, sounds are awesome, graphics beautiful. I crashed because I was screenshoting my flip infront of ruins in a forest as sunset. Just get it. $1.99

Monument Valley — The best game I have ever played. Beautiful. Tricky. Astounding. Several times my jaw dropped. Get it. $3.99

Heads Up — The best game for family night, or while waiting in lines. Person who is it holds the phone up to their head and tries to guess the thing from the clues the rest of the crowd gives. Everyone is involved, games go fast. $0.99

Priime — Awesome photo editor. Makes your Instagrams go wow. Free

Hyperlapse — The best way to stabilize videos on your phone. It reads the motion of your phone while recording and then zooms and pans to undo it. Super silky smooth videos. Free

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Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.