Apple Event Predictions — Sept 9th 2015

Update — I has a few hits, a few misses. 4/10 ain't bad right? Totally didn’t think about the iPad Pro and Pencil. I was most excited about the Apple tv Apps and casual games.

The new iPhone event is here and I am as excited as ever. Here are my predictions. I polled my friends who follow Apple and these events closely, added a dash of hope and cooked it up in wishing. Here are my predictions.

Apple is never late. They release it precisely when they mean to.

Updates on new Mac OS. — Maybe a quick demo. Maybe just a mention. ❌They skipped all the updates and pre-info.

Updates on new iOS. — Lots of demos here. ❌New features were demoed but only really in context of the new hardware. So miss here.

Apple Watch sales numbers — Indicates watch is a huge hit. ❌No numbers shared.

New bands for Apple Watch. — Sport ones, some really high end ones. Maybe a charm one for the Asian market. ✅The wrap around leather one looks cool.

Apple TV relaunch. Apps. Voice controlled. — This is the big one. Apple has been messing around with their TV forever. Now they are really going to attack the market in earnest. It will have apps. It will have Siri. It will have some deal with the content makers so one of them will get to be on stage. ✅ Awesome. Apps. New Siri seems super smart. Pretty excited about this. The touch remote and the motion controller is awesome.

New camera in iPhone. — I don’t know if 4k, but definitely an upgrade. ✅The photos are pretty spectacular. 4k videos will be sweet.

The camera will not protrude out the back of the phone — For the love of Apple PLEASE no camera nub.❌😳😢😩😫

Bigger battery — Bigger phone has bigger battery. ❌

New iPhone size — We must make it bigger!❌An Apple tv hooked to a tv is definitely bigger. But we will call this one a miss.

We call it… the iPhone 6s. ✅

Overall, I am very excited about the Apple TV. I always want the new iPhone.

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