Ahh the Mac Menu bar. Windows users don’t get it. And many Mac users don’t use it to the fullest extent.

Here are 3 insanely useful Menu Bar apps that I use, everyday.



Money is not real. Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

We all want to be wealthy. The question is how?

Garry Tan made a video about how to get wealthy. Here are the highlights.

In order to achieve something, we have to know what it is. So what is wealth?

Dictionary defines wealth as ‘an abundance of valuable possessions or money.’

Garry defines it as not just money. In fact, money is not real.

Alan Watts said ‘money is not real’. Money has the same relationship that words have to meaning. Just like words represent real things or meaning, money is an accounting of economic power. …

I wanted to type the almost equals sign, or rather the approximately symbol.

You know this one. ≈

Had to look it up.

On a Mac they keyboard shortcut is…

If you want a viral video, you have to keep viewers engaged. YouTube recommends videos that they think people will like. Watch time is very important. If someone keeps watching something, they ‘like’ it. If they close or click away, the didn’t like it.

So what did these viral videos do to keep viewer attention?

Setup and Play the Game Immediately

People like games. There is a start, an end, and a narrative to follow.

Set up situation and get to the action immediately. 5 of the 7 videos were literally a game. The only 2 that were not were a vlog, and a YouTube Short.

Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

We recently moved and we are still getting packages for the person we bought the house from.

Legally, if something is delivered to you, that you didn’t ask for, you own it. You don’t have to pay for it, and you don’t have to return it. This is to prevent companies from shipping you something, then sending you a bill later as a way to force a sale.

But I wasn’t sure if that applied to a package sent to my address, for someone who used to live there.

So I googled around and what I found was since all…

Saw this tweet from Paddy Galloway:

I do this a lot, but decided to do it more mindfully. Here is what I found.

1. Skip the intro, deliver on the promise

When someone clicks on your video, they are doing so because your thumbnail and title made a promise.

Deliver on that as soon as possible.

One video said “We are going to do X” within 3 seconds, where X was the promise. Doesn’t get more straightforward than that.

The vlog took 1 minute to deliver but did.

Takeaway — Get rid your intro with your fancy animated logo and ‘hey guys, thanks for watching, click like…

We’ve all been in this experience where you’ve had lettuce in your teeth, or a piece of clothing out of sorts, and you have been in front of a group and when you discover this, you wonder “Why didn’t anyone tell me earlier? How many people noticed this and didn’t tell me?”

But on the flip side, we have had friends who have lettuce in their teeth, and you have been too nervous to tell this person because you feel too embarrassed to tell them.

The optimal outcome is for everyone to tell everyone when they have something in their…

Did you know there are no good pi or π photos on Unsplash? :) Photo by Elena Sambros on Unsplash

Notice the pixelation etc

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