3D printed marble tracks, personal happy meters and other free ideas

My best ideas from July 2017

UFOs, or lights in the post 4th of July firework smoke. Taken in July.

3-D print marble tracks. Kids can make any track with as many crazy jumps as they like.

Library delivery — Like Netflix for books, but we run it out of the the public library. You can pay a small fee, and we will check out and deliver books to you.

Lego figures in all countries. Get a photo of a Lego figure from every single country in the world.

Build a personal happy meter. How can you improve something if you can’t measure it?

Marketing services for food trucks. I want to know where they are, and if they are close to me. What do they need to become more successful.

Million dollar 💡 ideas — collect examples of when someone’s idea actually earn them $1 million or more.

Make twitter accounts for all the old painters. I saw someone reference an old painter, and I literally expected the username to be a link to a twitter or instagram account.

I want a bright yellow duffle bag. Could even do the minions branding thing. That way I will never worry about missing my luggage on the baggage claim again.

Ties that are so neon they standout down the hall in Church.

Holiday photos wrapping paper — We sell you wrapping paper with a picture you want on it. Like your face etc.

3D printed snafu game! People could design different obstacles and you mix and match the different obstacles. This is a good idea. Perfect for a Kickstarter.

3d print new obstacles for this.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.