20 things I learned in February

The most widely used pro camera you’ve never heard of, Cholera has a vaccine, and SpaceX is crazy

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All curling stones in the Olympics come from here.
  1. Strawberries were brought to Europe by a French spy.
  2. DIYers are using recycled laptop batteries to power their homes.
  3. Ground cherries look like tomatoes and taste like a cherry tomato injected with mango and pineapple juice. Smithsonian
  4. Spacex has launched 54 mission so far, and successfully recovered 23 rockets. Spacex Stats
  5. A German attack on Bari in WW2, released Allied mustard gas spills. The study of those affected, helped lead to the development of chemotherapy. History of Cancer Chemotherapy. Wikipedia
  6. There is a giant city of Roman ruins in Timgad Algeria. Twitter Wikipedia
  7. ‘Option’ + ‘=’ will type the ≠ symbol Medium
  8. The <kbd> tag is an html element and not just on Stackoverflow. Mozilla MetaStackOverFlow
  9. You can make code blocks on Medium by selecting the code and hitting the backtick ` character. Medium FreeCodeCamp <b>Cool</b>th or you can start a new line of code with three ticks. ```
  10. Utah’s Westminster College, is the top school with students on the U.S. Winter Olympics team, sending 21 athletes or 8% of Team USA. The college is in an educational partnership with the U.S. Ski & Snowboard federation, promising four days of class and three days on the slopes. The school offers a tuition grant program for students from the U.S. Ski and Snowboard team. NPR
  11. Nominal, when used in an aerospace context means performing or achieved within expected, acceptable limits; normal and satisfactory; — Medium
  12. All the curling stones used in the Olympics come from 1 company, who get their stone from one island, Ailsa Craig. Olympics
  13. Diphylleia grayi is also known as the skeleton flower. The petals turn transparent with the rain. — Twitter
  14. When the screen play for Arrival was written, there were no screenwriting programs that allowed you to insert an image. So Eric Heisserer, the screenwriter, would write in a blank space, export it as a PDF, then use a graphics program to insert the image. He had to do this each time a revision needed to be done and soon had nearly all the page numbers of each graphic in the script memorized. TalkHouse
  15. SpaceX is trying to catch the top of the rocket, the fairing, in a big net on a boat. Twitter Instagram
  16. Waffles can trace their existence back to Greek cooks. Wiki Nibble
  17. There is now a vaccine for cholera. NYTimes
  18. Terrorism deaths are down 22% from their peak in 2014. GTI
  19. Of the 5 Best Cinematography Oscar nominations, all were shot with Arri cameras, but one. (Dunkirk, shot with IMAX) IndieWire
  20. Sriracha has 8 different fonts on the bottle. If the product is good, your packaging design matters less? 😉 Twitter

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